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Regression testing (RT)

Exploratory testing has become one of the most important methods of software testing lately. This method consists of an approach in which software testers are involved in minimum planning and maximum test execution. Exploratory testing in agile is a key activity as it helps the testers to keep up and stay updated with the rapid pace of agile software development process. It is important that software developers conduct ET to improve the quality of their software.

Syntech has been providing quality exploratory software testing services to global software companies. Outsourcing exploratory testing services to us can help companies develop their software at a faster rate at cost-effective rates. We make use of some of the latest software testing tools and our skilled team can help you develop efficient software within a short time.

Exploratory Testing Services We Provide
Syntech has been providing quality software testing services to numerous global software clients for almost two decades now. Our expertise in this field is unmatched and we provide the best-in-industry services to all our clients. We understand the importance of ET and hence provide our services accordingly. Some of the key services we offer include –

Defect Categorization
This service involves the categorization of different types of bugs found in previous versions of software, followed by finding the apt way to test the application for these defects, and finally analyzing the main reason behind these defects in the application.

Charter Development
This is one of the key steps in the exploratory software testing method and involves preparing a systematic schedule of what needs to be tested, which are the different aspects to be tested, how these steps will be carried out, etc. Here, our software testers will begin by analyzing all the different test ideas.

Fixed Time Testing
In this step, our software testers test the software application for a fixed amount of time without any kind of interruptions. This is usually done in groups and enables them to analyze different aspects of an application from multiple angles. Testers can test the appropriate outcome and understand the application’s response.

Analyzing Test Results
Our software testing analysis team at Outsource2india is trained to analyze the test results after all the tests are carried out. This helps to learn more about the software application and review different coverage areas.

Test Result Compilation
This is done by our expert team after all the major tests are completed. The results are compiled and sorted in a systematic manner and after compilation the results are compared with the original charter to check whether any further testing is needed or not.

Regression testing (RT) is a type of software testing, which checks whether any of the recent changes made to the code are affecting the functionality of the existing software application. It involves full or partial testing of the software using already executed test cases to check whether the existing functionalities are working fine or not. This is done to ensure that even the smallest of changes made to the code do not have any side effects on the existing software application.

Syntech is one of the leading companies offering quality regression testing services, based in India and is also one of the most trusted partners by clients globally. Our RT services help clients to reduce their software development time and costs by a large extent. Our software testing engineers are highly skilled and are capable of using some of the latest testing tools and technologies to provide best-quality services in the industry.

The Need for Regression Testing :
RT increases the chances of detecting errors and bugs, which may have been caused by changes made to the software application’s code. These changes may be in the form of application enhancements or bug fixes. This type of testing also ensures that there are no other undesirable effects by changing the operating environment.
Regression is often testing needed when there is a –

1, Change in the requirement and the code is modified
2. Defect while fixing an existing bug
3. Fixing performance issues
4. Fixing performance issues

Services We Offer
We have a team of highly experienced software testers who have been trained from some of the top institutes of the world. Our vast experience of having worked with clients across numerous domains and verticals enables us to successfully handle any kind of RT requirements. Some of the key regression services we offer include –

Automated Regression Testing
Our team is trained to work on some of the latest automated testing tools and technologies and work towards achieving the desired outcome. These tools help the software testing team to save considerable time and money

Corrective Testing
When there are no particular changes in the application’s specifications, corrective regression testing is carried out. Our team has the required skilled resources and robust infrastructure to provide our clients with the best corrective testing services possible

Test Case Management
We have highly talented resources and the bandwidth to provide adequate regression test case management services to our global clients. This helps in bringing out quality testing results within a quick time, using minimal resources

Integration Testing
We have the required bandwidth to test the software application’s compliance and other requirements. We have the expertise to provide you with the best system integration regression testing services and some of the valuable results by making use of a minimum number of testing tools and technologies

Progressive Testing
Sometimes there are a few new specifications added to an existing software application, which need to be tested. During such instances, new test cases are designed and implemented. At Outsource2india, we provide all our clients with the best resources to carry out progressive testing without any glitches.

Application Testing
We follow an ISO certified streamlined process to efficiently identify and correct the flaws and bugs in the client’s software application. Our team is well trained to follow a systematic procedure and also has the knowledge of the entry and exit criteria, which help the software runs smoothly.

Whether you are the vendor providing or deploying the networking solution, or an end-user making use of it, you need to know that it has been tested to verify it can handle traffic correctly at all times. Information flows are now massive for most of the organizations. Corporations reorganize, data centers move to the cloud, and businesses expand nationally and internationally, all of which means increases in communication, often with critical applications relying on high-performance networking hardware and software to work correctly. Quality network testing solutions are therefore extremely critical.

WAN Optimization through Network Testing
The syntech network testing team rapidly and cost-effectively performs network performance test and evaluates network solutions for their ability to:

1. Correctly route traffic according to relevant networking protocols
2. Handle very large amounts of traffic
3. Manage network stress conditions effectively
4. Guarantee required quality of service
5. Scale if required, all of the above while keeping pace with end-user enterprise needs

In the present world of cut-throat competition, businesses are forced to deliver applications and services to the market within the fastest possible time. What might appear as a simple application to the customer is actually built using a complex network of interdependent systems with most of the critical data coming from the company’s mainframe.

Syntech’s mainframe application testing services helps global clients reduce their software application development time and costs. We specialize in providing mainframe testing services to clients across industries and verticals. Our software testing engineers are trained to work on the latest tools and technologies and provide the best mainframe testing services in the industry.

Syntech’s Mainframe Testing Services
Our team of software testers is well-trained to work on some of the latest as well as legacy mainframe application testing tools and technologies. Some of the key mainframe testing services we offer include –

1. Mainframe Quality Assurance
We provide complete mainframe application testing services and systems based on AS400 as well. Our team at Outsource2india ensures that all your applications and mainframes run smoothly without any errors and without sacrificing performance.

Application Testing
Our team provides comprehensive application testing services which ensures that all your app functionalities are working as they are expected to, while concurrently checking if the functions are able to execute in batch mode.

User Acceptance Testing
We test developed applications in our clients’ own host environments and check if they are functioning correctly in such settings or not. Throughout the process we check for the slightest hints of incompatibility so as to ensure the testing process proceeds smoothly.

Test Environment Management
Our team of software testers supports application release management right from its inception phase to the deployment phase while maintaining all the schedules as closely as possible.

Integration Testing
Each individual module of the software application is tested and integrated using an automation tool. This is usually written in REXX and executed.

System Testing
The applications are tested to evaluate if the system is compliant to run those applications in parallel TSO sessions.

Data Migration Testing
Our team of software testers ensures that the entire batch application infrastructure is common in the older and newly migrated environment.

Mainframe Performance Testing
Our software testing engineers are trained to conduct better storage optimization, handle performance testing, and support the overall reduction of MIPS for all the mainframe applications.

Our testing services are designed to help you improve governance and systems quality and reduce risk and delivery cost to your organisation. Software quality assurance and testing activities are always planned in accordance with your organisation’s specific business and technical situation.

We cover all areas of software testing, at all levels of IT maturity. Our approach is based on our own tried-and-tested methods, aligned with industry best practice

Our software testing resources are proficient in employing a wide number of open source technologies for automation, test management, and defect tracking. Based on your requirements, we can provide you with manual or test automation services.

  Our testing services include:

1.Functional Testing 
2. Non Functional Testing
3. Manual Testing
4. Automation Testing