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Creative design is an indispensable asset in today’s dynamic advertising environment. The promotional content and the way it is delivered helps in differentiating a regular ad agency from a trusted one. Technology has enabled the advertising industry to diversify into a variety of different platforms including social media, online and digital marketing, etc., and with each passing day, the challenge to create brand experiences and communicate effectively through innovative creative designs is increasing.

At Syntech, our creative design services have catered to the rising demands of our illustrious clients – from innovative startups to global advertising powerhouses, for the past 19 years. Every single creative project is uniquely remarkable and distinctly identifiable, and every single layout is tailored to our client’s precise requirements and market demands. We understand how a customer perceives a brand and how it has a direct correlation to their loyalty and purchase behavior. This understanding allows us to enhance you and your client’s corporate image and move brands across social, interactive, print and other relevant channels.

Creative Design Services We Offer
Graphic Design Services
We can create a strong visual impact with the help of our professional graphic design services for all your requirements. Be it creating a logo, designing a brochure, creating resources for an engaging video, or designing a banner, our services ensure our creative graphic design concepts translate beautifully both on-screen and off-screen while getting your message across.

e-commerce Design Services
Professionally designed e-commerce websites ensure higher user engagement, attract new potential customers, generate greater revenue, and help in building customer loyalty. At Outsource2india, we offer professional e-commerce design services that are extremely user-centric. By partnering with us e-commerce companies can get custom e-commerce website designs at affordable prices.

Web Design Services
Quality web design is certainly a valuable investment to sustain strong brand identity, extend the time spent by page visitors, and to cut through the competition. At outsource2india, we offer top-quality, innovative web design services that precisely cater to your needs.

Brand Design Services
A good brand design plays a key role in building a famous brand. Our brand design services include the designing of logos and banners to promotional materials that help you establish a recognizable identity. Professionally designed branding materials uphold the fact that you are totally committed to showcase your business as a major contender in the market.

Illustration Design Services
Different styles of illustration are our forte, and our artists are specialized in running with your concept and creating the most striking illustrations for characters, mascots, book covers, websites, etc.M/span>

Logo Design Services
Captivate your target audience and get your brand identity across with logos that illustrate your company’s vision with the help of our professional logo services.

Cover Design Services
Well-designed book covers with carefully selected colors and illustrations have the power to capture the attention of readers and impact sales. Design solutions from O2i ensure that proper research is done to create genre-specific covers to maximize the impact. We have designed many types of covers for magazines, novels, stories, children’s books, catalogs, booklets, flyers, and more. Whether you need a digitally enhanced photograph, a professionally designed book layout, or a specially designed cover with illustrations and creative elements – we can do it all.

Interior Branding Design Services
Interior branding design services offered by Outsource2india blend tour branding elements with unique and innovative interior designs to provide you with impeccable designs that distinctively uphold your brand.

From concept to reality, from approval to final printing there exists a long and arduous journey for most advertising agencies, publishers, and brand design companies. Multi page brochures, multi style labels, varied newspaper advertisements or even large format billboard designs; all warrant a team of qualified Adobe InDesign artists who can feed into the main design and free flow it into print ready files.

Today most marketing departments are looking at a dual strategy, use mainline advertising or design agency for concept and art working companies for adapting and recreating those same designs. To overcome the shortage of talent and to economize costs, many large publishing and design houses in US and Europe are looking at art workers/designers offsite.

With more than 12 years’ industry experience, Outsource2india (O2I) has provided high-end artwork solutions for printing and publishing houses, marketing and advertising agencies, and more. The artwork professionals at O2I ensures that a document or design reaches its full potential by following industry best practices in Adobe InDesign to integrate text, images, concepts, illustrations into pre-approved layout options.

Process Flow – Artwork Services
Our ISO process ensures we check for inconsistencies that may involve kerning and ligature, proofreading, color correction, and more. Our art-worker teams understand layout designs and creative instructions, adapting them to deliver quick and high quality ready to print artwork. Every artwork project at O2I moves through this funnel to be optimized for quality:

At Syntech, we offer an array of film services such as Storyboarding Services, Video Editing Services, Animation Services, and Music Composition Services that can help you tremendously in making a movie

Doing all these services in-house involve a lot of expenses. But by outsourcing your film services to O2I, you will not only receive cost-effective services, but also gain resources with more than 19 years of industry experience who analyze and understand your requirements and provide services based on your need. We adhere to ISO quality standards, and ensure that you receive projects that are creative and help you captivate your customers’ attention.

At Syntech, we have professionals who are experts in video-editing. We would only require your footage, be it for film, an ad, or television along with your ideas. Our professional video editors analyze the nature and scope of your project and re-arrange or modify sections of the footage to form another video. While editing, our editors will remove unwanted shots, scenes, or sections of the video and follow a sequential order of time to form the new edited video.

At Syntech, we use the process of non-linear editing. Our video editors are skilled and well-versed in Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and other such editing software to edit footages given to them. In the next stage, clips are arranged on a timeline and music, titles, voice-overs, and effects are added. Once this is done, we send you the edited video in any format that you may require that can be CD-ROM, DVD, Web Streaming, Videotape, or any other format.

Expertise in Edius Pro is one of the strong suits of O2I.We take the input in any format of modern SD or HD resolution videos, and utilizing the advanced features and capabilities of Edius Pro, our experts generate a high-quality video composition that will captivate your audience. Learn more about our professional Video Editing Services, Edius Video Editing Services and Movie Editing Services.

Syntech, we offer an array of film services such as Storyboarding Services, Video Editing Services, Animation Services, and Music Composition Services that can help you tremendously in making a movie.

Doing all these services in-house involve a lot of expenses. But by outsourcing your film services to O2I, you will not only receive cost-effective services, but also gain resources with more than 19 years of industry experience who analyze and understand your requirements and provide services based on your need. We adhere to ISO quality standards, and ensure that you receive projects that are creative and help you captivate your customers’ attention.

Storyboarding Services
At Syntech, the storyboarding process involves the planning of a video project in a sequential format. At first, our artists draw a simple sketch of the desired shot. Along with this, the accompanying audio is decided and the duration of each shot is calculated. The only thing that you would require to send us would be the final version of your script. At Outsource2india, we also provide Character Designing, Script Writing Services, Motion Graphics Services and Animatics Services for all your requirements.

Our highly skilled artists are well-trained in the art of storyboarding. Read storyboarding tips for short films. With Syntech’s well-designed storyboards, you can help your directors, cinematographers, and any other important client to visualize the scenes before making a movie. This is very beneficial as future problems can be spotted and ironed out before taking the movie. With the use of storyboards you can analyze where you would need to spend more money. At Synetch, we add all the details pertaining to a particular shot. Such details can give you a preview of your film even before you make it!

Outsource your storyboard services to O2I and benefit from our expertise.

We also provide illustration services using Adobe Illustrator or hand-drawn illustrations and pencil sketches to make your film storyboards come to life.

Every marketer understands the significance of strategically planned writing services for promoting businesses. The challenge is engaging with skilled writers who can work across multiple media effectively. In today’s business environment, writing services can be outsourced and take full advantage of talented and specialized writing teams.

Syntech is the ideal partner for writing services and we have teams to handle every form of writing. Simple Proofreading, advanced Content Development, comprehensive Technical Writing or planned SEO Content Writing, O2I can handle them all. Rest assured, O2I writing services can be availed at cost-effective prices and besides increased sales, creative ideas come to life!

Writing Services We Offer
By outsourcing writing services to O2I customers get to work with creative writers with skills to help take businesses to a different level and help make a remarkable improvement through precise editing and economical pricing. Our writing services include –

Content Development Services – Syntech can develop any type of content be it websites, corporate brochures, white papers, newsletters, press releases or e-mails. As part of our content development services we also handle SEO, summary and review, business, speech, legal and travel writings.

Content Editing Services – syntech believes even the best written content requires professional editing to guarantee effective, accurate and clear communication. O2I follows flexible and unrestrictive text editing services where we can edit both digital and printed articles, copywriting, content, novels, research, reference and news.
Technical Writing Services – Syntech’s technical writers are adept at executing end-to-end technical documentation – right from online helps to high end software. O2I works closely with the client’s publication team and ensure the production is a flawless technical document.

Product/Service Description Writing Services – Syntech understands the efforts going into a successful product launch. Product descriptions help divulge information and understand the product better. At O2I, product descriptors are written for consumers in simple, clear language, highlight the marketability and potential of the product.
Medical Writing Services – Outsource2india provides medical writing services for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies. Our medical writers have the expertise to produce regulatory, clinical, scientific and marketing documents. Committed to high standards, we can help reach medical communication to the right target audience.

Article Writing Services – Syntech can support clients in penning customized articles. With a team of professional writers from diverse backgrounds, O2I can create articles from self-development to current affairs. Our services are ideally suited for clients who lack in-house research, writers and fresh concepts.

Logo Designing

Understanding users, their conscious and subconscious needs, their hopes, aspirations and fears, is the beginning of any design process. We call it ‘building empathy’. When we translate this understanding into usage scenarios for products and services, we are able to deliver telling insights that your organization can act on.

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