The name, SynTech stands for Syn i.e Vision and Tech i.e. Technology, We believe that a strong team can take any Vision and turn into reality.


Amol Patil (2)

Amol Patil


As COO, Amol focuses on human capital management, finance and infrastructure at Syntech. With over 3 years of global experience in technology and management, he brings a deep level of expertise to these functions, ensuring that Syntech has the people and resources.


Nilesh Kothari

Co- Founder

Nilesh has nearly 5 years of experience in consulting and IT in the U.S. and India. He is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic direction of the company. Nilesh is passionate about maintaining a culture that delivers excellence .

Ravi Ranjan (2)

Ravi Ranjan


Ravi heads SynTech’s Banglore operations, focusing on sales and marketing, corporate strategy and client management. With over 7 years of global experience, he is passionate about working closely with clients to understand their unique challenges