Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

ETL is a critical part of data warehousing. During this process, data is converted to a usable form, cleaned, and readied for analysis. Every business needs customized ETL that combines domain and technology expertise to precisely meet their needs.The challenge is that data lies in disparate systems in many different formats.The biggest benefit of our ETL software and services is that they enable teams of business users to operate from a single version of the truth




The Tools We Are Using :

1 Informatica : Informatica PowerCenter is a premium data integration solution available today. The reason it provides the best solution in large enterprises is because it is:

database neutral and hence can communicate with any database
the most powerful data transformations tool. It converts one application’s data to another format

2. Ab initio : Ab Initio application is a general motive data processing platform for organization-class, mission-relevant applications comparable to data warehousing, batch processing, clickstream processing, data movement, data transformation, and analytics. It helps the integration of arbitrary data sources and programs and supplies entire metadata management across the enterprise.

3. Talend: It is Talend data integration platform that enables designing of data integration processes and their monitoring. The manufacturer claims that the tool meets needs of every enterprise regardless of the size. Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse