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The principal business handset running on Android was discharged in 2008. Today, this Linux-based stage, which was acquired and afterward created by Google, overwhelms the portable cell phone showcase, as well as fills in as an intense stage for tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, brilliant watches, auto route frameworks, and so forth.

With the development of the working framework, the quantity of Android applications likewise expanded. By November 2015, there were in excess of 1.8 million applications on the Google Play Store, a demonstration of Android’s 84.4% cell phone piece of the pie.

On the off chance that you are hoping to acquaint your image or item with a fantastically huge and dynamic group of onlookers on an overall scale, at that point proficient Android application improvement administrations is the thing that you require. At SynTech Solutions , we are pleased to offer a scope of Native and Hybrid android portable application advancement administrations, which are developed starting from the earliest stage exploit the various champion qualities of the Android OS.

Our Android App Development Services

With regards to Android application advancement, we trust that the customization choices which Android give helps in making outwardly capturing and profoundly utilitarian applications. We comprehend that comparative looking applications on the Google Play Store may effortlessly push purchasers from your application. In this way, our group of Android engineers guarantees that they not just form an incredible Android portable application which stands the trial of time, but on the other hand is dependable, useful, and modified to your prerequisites.

Our claim to fame lies in injecting the Android stage’s DNA inside your application, while guaranteeing it emerges from the group. This outcomes in an application which works crosswise over portable and tablet gadgets, and crosswise over various Android forms, with a similar execution, power, and UX.

Our Android versatile application improvement administrations comprise of –

1 . internet business and Shopping Apps

2. Training Apps

3. Web Apps

4. Standardized tag Scanning Apps

5.Utility Applications

6. Android Gaming Apps

React Native has a fascinating short history. What began as Facebook’s internal hackathon project has now become one of the most popular Android development frameworks. Today, React Native is being backed by major corporations such as Samsung and Microsoft and is already playing a leading role in bringing next-gen mobile apps to life. In the simplest of terms, React Native can be defined as a JavaScript framework for building native mobile applications. Popularly known as ReactJS, this framework is not only helping developers build high-quality apps within a short development time, but also offering outstanding performance.

At Syntech, we have built a team of experienced React Native developers and project managers who have implemented useful mobile app solutions for clients across the world. Since ReactJS is a relatively new Android development framework, we make sure our developers always stay on top of the release chains, testing new builds and technologies and sharing their ideas in a pool to remain on the cutting-edge of React Native development. With our help, you get access to an app which achieves a significant level of polish and performance as compared to native apps developed with Java, Objective-C or Swift.

Our React Native Development Services
With the current platform technologies such as Cordova, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. available to the developers, true native apps were never possible and Hybrid app development was the way to go. But as customers start demanding more powerful apps with better customization options, apps developed using React Native provide the best options while keeping development requirements in mind. With ever-increasing competition and the need for automated app maintenance, React Native is the only framework that comes close to satisfying our clients’ needs. Outsourcing react native development to us can help you avail a variety of services including –

React Native iOS Development
iOS apps usually require a high level of polish if you want your app to stand out amongst other very high-quality apps. With more than a decade’s experience in providing React Native development services in India, we can help you create a stunning iOS app which works better and requires lesser development time and money as compared to other alternatives.

React Native Android App Development
We can help create cross-platform mobile apps for Android using the latest React Native tools and technologies which can scale up easily to multiple Android device resolutions. Our app will work flawlessly on devices running Android 5.0 and upwards so you never end up having to break compatibility while attracting users from new and emerging markets.

React Native Hybrid App Development
If you are looking to create a hybrid app for your business, then look no further. Instead of using WebView components like other hybrid apps, our hybrid apps are built using the native components of ReactJS. This component-based structure is especially suited to leaner development times and allows you to build apps which look modern, work well, and allow in-depth user customization.

React Native Firebase Integration
Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform developed by Google. It aims to solve most of the existing problems associated with mobile app development while making sure that the backend requires minimal maintenance. It seamlessly connects and integrates between your user data and its authentication, ensuring extremely fast development times when coupled with React. They are both a perfect fit for each other, and with our help, you can have a native app developed in no time which integrates both these future-forward technologies.

React Native Platform Migration
If you are planning to migrate your existing app platform to React native, and are stressed about the loss of your database during the upgrade process, then worry not. With O2I’s React Native development services, you can migrate your apps easily while ensuring the database remains secure and is up and running as soon as the migration is complete.

The smartphone revolution began on January 9, 2007, when Steve Jobs unleashed the juggernaut that the iPhone currently is, to an unsuspecting world. Today, despite a host of other competitors, Apple still enjoys the dominant market share in its home country, the US. With the help of both the iPhone and iPad, iOS, currently on its 9th iterative version, allows thousands of developers around the world to reap the benefits of its superior app ecosystem.

Recent studies point to the fact that an average iPhone user spends 86% of his/her time using an app on their phone, rather than taking calls or sending text messages. The iOS app store also earns more revenue for developers as compared to Google’s Android platform, despite its lower market share. Therefore, if you are looking to outsource iOS application development, you cannot leave the work to novice developers.

iOS App Development Services We Offer
iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, and iTunes is the most happening App store, with over 1.2 Million Apps, 300 Million unique visits per week, and 75 billion downloads. Needless to say, having a robust iPhone app and an iPad app is one of the prerequisites for successful businesses.

Read our article which highlights the best iPhone apps which can be used to achieve better business performance.

Mobile app developers at Syntech have over 19 years of experience in iPhone, iPad and iOS app development for globally renowned companies. Our iOS developers are the best in the industry when it comes to developing Hybrid iOS apps, Native iOS apps, Titanium iOS apps and Phone Gap iOS apps. Whatever your requirement is, our core competencies, iterative and agile app development process, and prior experience ensure you receive high-quality iOS app development services.

Our iOS developers understand that a successful iPhone and iPad app development process comes from focusing on your goals, your development budget, and your expected time-to-market. Our iPhone and iPad developers always stay up-to-date with the latest iOS releases, ensuring that your app not only stands out from the crowd, but always features the best that the platform has to offer

In today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult to find the one solution which is compatible with all types of smart devices and mobile phones. Be it native, hybrid, or web apps, each one of them have their own pros and cons, thereby making it difficult to choose between them when it comes down to development. When it comes to mobile web apps, they are not really apps, but are mobile optimized web pages with the look and feel of native apps.

Many developers generally get stuck when deciding which kind of app to develop, since when it comes to deciding between a native app and a web app, the most appropriate choice depends on their end goals, which sometimes is unclear. As a developer, if your goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to the widest possible audience then a mobile website is the way to go. Generally speaking, a web app should be considered as the first step in developing a proper mobile web presence. At O2I, we believe in working with developers to not only select the best platform for development, but also provide them with best-in-class web app development solutions at cost-effective rates.

Our Web App Development Services
As a mobile web app developer the last thing you want to hear is about how slow the web app is. It is important that one must carefully think about reducing and optimizing each byte and server transfer to reduce the user’s wait time. The web app developers at Outsource2india know the exact tips and tricks that can help optimize the performance of your mobile web app and minimize latency. Some of the methods we follow include:

Image Optimization
Image load time is well-known to be one of the biggest performance issues affecting page load on mobile devices. Our team of mobile web app developers is trained to use image optimizing tools which are helpful in addressing this issue.

Database Queries
Some mobile browsers are not able to accept as many cookies as some of the more popular desktop browsers which in turn can result in execution of more queries than usual. For this reason, server-side caching becomes very important when supporting mobile web app clients. Our developers are comfortable handling even the toughest database queries in order to ensure your web app never feels lag-prone.

Content Delivery Networks
If you are planning to provide lots of videos, images, audio files, or any media files, then the use of a CDN is highly recommended. Our team understands the advantages of employing a CDN to support web apps and is skilled to deploy it to further optimize the overall functionality of the app.

Code Compression
Compressing the JavaScript and CSS files, depending on the amount of code you have, can potentially have a significant impact on performance. Our expert team of web app developers is trained to work on various code compression tools so as to deliver all your requirements in a tight package.

The benefits of developing a native app are endless. Users prefer native app experiences built specifically for their devices’ operating systems. Each operating system has its own distinct look and feel, which native apps readily preserve and leverage for better functionality. Sacrificing this familiarity with a cross-platform framework can be off-putting to the user experience in certain cases, and since apps are developed for the users, their opinion is paramount.

Synetch has been providing high-quality native mobile app development services to clients around the world. We follow a standardized mobile app development process to create functional and innovative native apps at affordable rates, and within a pre-determined budget and time frame.

Syntech Native App Development Services
Depending on your requirements and time-to-market predictions, we follow various app development models to ensure that the project completes on time. We build apps from the ground up keeping in mind the operating systems’ design principles, the in-app UI, and the overall functionality of the app. Some of the key services we offer include:

iOS App Development
iOS App Development Our iOS developers have been providing highly functional and feature-rich native iOS app development services to clients around the globe. We believe that mobile UI and user experience prove to be an important part of the mobile app development process. We provide distinct apps for iPhone and iPad as well

Android App Development
Android App Development Android is one of the most popular platforms as almost 85% of the smartphone market is made up of satisfied Android users. Our vast experience in the field of Android development helps us to develop high quality native apps at a fraction of a price as compared to our competitors

Windows App Development
Windows App Development Being experts at the .NET framework, we leverage the power of Visual Studio to build cohesive, high performance, and functional universal Windows apps. Windows 10 brings along plenty of benefits which we leverage to the maximum and deliver the best results for our clients

Blackberry OS App Development
Blackberry OS App Development At Syntech, we develop high-end Blackberry app solutions using RIM Blackberry JDE and other development tools to provide for Blackberry MDS and Blackberry J2ME mobile apps. Our skilled teams of Blackberry developers offer custom mobile app development solutions to various businesses for whom security is extremely important

Mobile app development has gained tremendous significance over the years. However, with the influx of different mobile platforms, the costs involved in developing and maintaining native apps has increased manifold. Hence, the latest trend for mobile apps for business is to build them as cross-platforms mobile apps or Hybrid mobile apps in order to reduce the cost and effort considerably.

Our Hybrid App Development Services
Our team of highly qualified mobile app developers is skilled to work on various technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. to provide you with excellent hybrid mobile app development services. Some of our services include:

Cross-platform Mobile App Development
Our extensive experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps and web experiences using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is unparalleled in the market. We use CSS to create aesthetic design layouts, JavaScript to optimize the mobile apps for faster user access, and write HTML code which works on all platforms. All our hybrid mobile apps have a shared SQL and a secure backend file system

Offline Hybrid Mobile Apps
Some of the mobile apps do not require constant internet connectivity. For example, alarm clocks, to-do lists, mobile games, etc. are the apps which can be used in offline mode and be highly productive at the same time. Our offline hybrid mobile apps come with enhanced security features and reduce the risks of hacking and malware infections. These apps are best suited for enterprises which need highly secure hybrid apps

Porting of Existing Apps
Sometimes, you might be using an existing app and may need to port it to other platforms so that it can be used across different platforms. We help you develop Hybrid apps and port your existing app to other platforms by re-engineering the code-base and retaining the offerings of the native app. We have a team of mobile app developers skilled at working on various cross-platform tools such as PhoneGap, Titanium, MoSync, etc.


Today, at least 70% of Smartphone users across the globe are using Android OS. Therefore, Android application development is crucial to any business, particularly bespoke Android app development. At least 800 million individuals use Android apps worldwide, thus having a result-focused Android app development tactic is a way to business success.

SynTech a leading Android App Development Company that use quality tools, professionalism and experience in Android app programming, Android app testing, Android app designing to enhance the best usability, easy usage and user experiences. We ensure a greatly responsive and responsible setting for Android app development by using updated project management software and novel communication technologies.

SynTech has a team of Android app developers who address quickly changing technology and business needs by developing Android applications customized to convene strategic business objectives. Therefore, if you have a good idea of an Android app, we will work together to turn your inspiration into reality. No matter the goal or use of your app we have the skills and expertise to create a top standard Android app.