PHP-Experts’ Desk

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is being used in IT market since 1990’s. It is open source, making it a global and powerful language which makes dynamic and interactive web pages and is user friendly.It is a server side scripting where the scripting is done on the server and the results given back on web pages.

It is compatible with almost all servers. Developing in PHP makes programming fast, widely-used, free and practical. It is cross- platform (i.e. can be used on various platforms) from – Windows, Linux, Unix to Mac OS X, etc. PHP is an efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft ASP. 7,500+ companies on Siftery have verified that they are using the software making PHP a popular product in the category of language

                       What made PHP so popular in Software Industry? A lot of functionality with a very low (short) learning curve i.e. the original hack-away philosophy of PHP has given it a celebrity status in IT industry. An estimated 80% of all websites online at this point, have used PHP.

Having experience in PHP, we at SynTech Solutions have found CodeIgniter as a backbone for developers. PHP(CI) is a powerful PHP framework. Built for budding developers who need a painless and effective toolkit to create web applications with a range of features or functions. CI is often noted for its speed as compared to other frameworks. PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf spoke about his liking towards CI “because it is faster, lighter and least like a framework”.

How have we used PHP in the products we developed at SynTech Solutions? We have utilized PHP for building business logic and backend. We are accountable for developing applications, programs and websites. Problem solving skills along with being highly analytical about scenarios is a necessity to develop an application. We keep writing, testing and maintaining the code for web pages using PHP to build websites, applications that the computers follow to perform functions using the latest version of PHP. Troubleshooting and maintaining source code for further versioning the applications and deploying a bug free product is our motive. Building dynamic websites that can retrieve and return information from the client side to the server side using PHP and MySQL. The frontend is designed using HTML, CSS and JS.

An open mind to creativity, client interactions and healthy work environment is all you need to develop web applications.