Database – main component for any development


Various aspects are required for web development or android development, however, database is the main or center of the entire application. To create an efficient database a few steps said and unsaid are required. And it just doesn’t stop there, designing is just not enough, customer requirements, developer requirements, creating it, manipulating it and making it as perfect as possible for use.
We at SynTech Solutions begin with multiple discussions with the client for requirements. Where new additions can come up anytime and in any phase during the development. After which we create the database and start querying it for different functionalities.
With all this we also ensure that the data size is balanced and does not consume too much space, making it compact. Databases we create are reliable and efficient.
Being a database designer myself, thinking about the various aspects of a certain product, what all can be implemented with regards to it, normalizing it, working on it is a daily task. A new idea hopping in the brain randomly, trying to replace stereotypes and making things technological and different is common. Checking if there has been something like this used in the past, if yes, how, if not, why it was not implemented? Gathering information and studying on databases daily with new technologies and software coming up frequently for better ease is worked upon, keeping us updated for something extravagantly new. For growing in this field of Information Technology and making it easier for us to think about different perspectives at the same time being social and considerate is important which I usually call “thinking SQL”. Organized and containing all the details in one place. Creating versions of databases for new updates or new deductions is done regularly.
SynTech Solutions gives the most effective and complete package of database for any product and application created, making sure of what all should be there and what is of not much need. 

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