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With the growth of mobile use android development has taken a huge growth. The in numerous home applications, games, office applications, study material applications, music apps, payment apps and a lot more on the store free or paid are available.
Using these apps have made it easy for users or customers to do various tasks with just a few clicks. However what is important is the thought that

android developers have while working on a certain application. The ideas to make any complex thing from the background to look simple and easy when a user views it.
At SynTech Solutions we are asked to be as creative as possible to make things look interactive and attractive. The official language for Android development is Java. Large parts of Android are written in Java and its APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java. It is possible to develop C and C++ app using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), which isn’t something that Google promotes. We at SynTech use PHP language for android development.

The steps that we follow for Android are –

1. Identify different techniques to plan, design and prototype your mobile apps before writing any code
2. Thoroughly understand the App life cycle and its main components
3.  Create a graphical user interface (GUI)
4.  Implement a custom application theme
5.  Define a RecyclerView item list
6. Implement menu-based or drawer navigation
7. Integrate code from an external support library
8. Schedule a time-sensitive task using alarms
9. Schedule a background task using Job Scheduler
10. Designing and building a functional Android application
11. Debugging Android applications using different tools and plugins
12. Setting up and understanding your Android Development Environment
13. Register and publishing on Play Store
14. Updating apps as per user requirement is another important thing, where we want users to know that we are striving to make things better for you!
15. In this mobile generation we are making apps for betterment of the society while showcasing are creativity.

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